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Wedding 101, practice tossing flower petals with your flower girl

This may be the very first time your flower girl has been asked to toss rose petals at a wedding, so scheduling a few

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Ala Crate Vintage Rentals for uniquely designed weddings with style

Small canning jars filled with wildflowers and grasses, either as singles or clusters of differing heights. Some clear, some vintage aqua blue, all are

Bohemian Malibu wedding at El Matador State Beach in California captured by destination wedding photographer Jewels Photography.
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Bouquet styles and flowers

Wedding flowers are the perfect way to showcase creativity, personality and the uniqueness of each couple. Some go for high style drama and others

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Wedding timelines can help brides stay organized

Planning a wedding can take time, patience and organization. Here is a basic timeline to help get you started and stay on track. Customize it

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Choosing a caterer for your wedding

When choosing a caterer for your wedding, consider these tips. Look for a caterer who understands out of the ordinary does not mean way

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Wedding bouquet styles

There are many different styles of wedding bouquets, some casual and some that are much more formal in appearance, and some with a single

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Choosing flowers for a fall wedding

There are so many seasonal flowers to choose from when planning your fall wedding. Choosing seasonal flowers will not only help with the budget

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Fall wedding ideas

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year, and to be married during this time is extra special. To plan decorating ideas, just look

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Bridezilla email to her bridesmaids

Many brides dream for years about their special day and how it is going to be the best ever. However, some go overboard. Way

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Plan ahead for savings on wedding decor

By planning ahead and watching for sales, you can save tons of money on wedding decor and still have an amazing wedding of your