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Nearly 6 months ago

Best 10 Jewish Valentine’s day love quotes

Is there a Jewish Valentine’s Day? The answer is, yes, but it isn’t celebrated on February 14th. Tu B’Av, the fifteenth of the month

Nearly 10 months ago

Rudraksha Beads to Help in a Relationship

We all are familiar with the amazing health and astrological benefits of Rudraksha beads. But have you heard of these beads helping in your

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Nearly 12 months ago

Dreamy wedding trends for 2016

Wedding decor trends for 2016 are nothing short of magical. Whether you are inspired by all things soft and romantic, glitzy and glamorous, or

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Nearly 12 months ago

Family-friendly New Year’s Eve events in Cleveland

If you are looking for something to do with the family this New Years Eve, there are some kid-friendly events taking place during the

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Nearly 12 months ago

Moms work more than dads: Unequal multitasking hurts parenting relationships

Moms work more than dads but enjoy it less, parenting studies have found. Men also object more if they feel forced to multitask. Busy

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Nearly 12 months ago

Free printable Grandparents Day greeting cards, coloring pages, vintage clipart

Grandparent’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day. It falls on Sunday, September 13 in 2015. Grandparents Day is a wonderful

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Nearly 12 months ago

Make 5 homemade holiday decorations with cookie cutters

The winter holiday season brings bountiful baking, with Christmas cookies being the highlight. These merry morsels have been a popular part of the winter

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Nearly 1 year ago

Free printable Care Bears coloring pages for Teddy Bear Day

September 9 celebrates Teddy Bear Day! A beloved teddy bear cartoon from the 1980s was Care Bears. Care Bears made a comeback about 10