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Nearly 4 months ago

How to Take Quality Photos in Your Home, at a Window, or with a Backdrop

In order to create professional photography, you need a studio and a vast arsenal of expensive equipment right? Wrong. You can create quality photos

Nearly 11 months ago

Making the best roasted pumpkin seeds from your garden

Making your own roasted pumpkin seeds from the garden is easier than you think. There are a few tricks that will make your flavored

garden bucket @
Nearly 11 months ago

Easy drought solutions for the home gardener

Not everyone has the time, skill or money it takes to implement drought solutions in the home garden. Thank goodness there are simple water

Crochet @
Nearly 11 months ago

Crochet book review: Thunder Bay’s crochet kits

Thunder Bay Press has several crochet kits that includes everything you need to get started on crocheting your favorite character. This is also an

Garden @
Nearly 11 months ago

Mulching isn’t just for gardens

Summer isn’t over yet, and the latest wave of 90+ degree dry heat has very likely left some of your plants stressed and thirsty.

Doll @
Nearly 11 months ago

Dolls with richness in texture and style: Emma Jean

Hello, New York Doll Collectors. When we talk about dolls, one of the things that can add intrigue to a discussion, other than style,

Farmers Market @ Nextcolumn
Nearly 11 months ago

Inaugural year for Saint Clair Shores Farmers Market

After many years in the making, 2015 is the inaugural year for the Saint Clair Shores Farmers Market! Two markets have already taken place,

louise walker @
Nearly 11 months ago

Knit the wild

Go wild with these “Faux Taxidermy Knits“. Louise Walker is the author and designer of 15 wild animal knitting patterns, contained in this book.

Grandparents Day @ Nextcolumn
Nearly 11 months ago

Free printable Grandparents Day greeting cards, coloring pages, vintage clipart

Grandparent’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day. It falls on Sunday, September 13 in 2015. Grandparents Day is a wonderful

Painting @ NextColumn
Nearly 11 months ago

Painting over the cracked sky on an a palm tree and mountains scene

Sometimes acrylic paint will crack, so one solution to fix this problem is by painting over the cracked portion of the composition. The sky