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Nearly 3 days ago

Poison ivy!

Gardeners can be at risk of contracting a rash from poison ivy, as do hikers and campers. A substance called urushiol, found in poison

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Growing rosemary indoors

Fresh herbs can do so much to enliven cooking, especially in winter. Rosemary is one of those herbs, adding a delicious taste to chicken,

Autumn gardening
Nearly 3 weeks ago

Creating a memory garden

Creating a memory garden is heartfelt and meaningful. It can be filled with plants and flowers that were gifted to you. For example, rosebushes

Nearly 4 weeks ago

Potager kitchen garden design

A potager garden is a year around kitchen garden which supplies the cook with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and/or flowers on a daily basis.

Nearly 4 weeks ago

Seven easy tips to help design a beautiful perennial garden

Here are seven steps in designing a beautiful perennial garden. 1. Choose your garden location before designing it. Placing your garden where you can

Nearly 1 month ago

Organic pest control options

There are ways to grow plants without resorting to using chemical poisons that could threaten not only you and your family, but other benign

The Garden Spot has amazing plants for home gardeners.
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Nearly 1 month ago

Garden Spot, an awesome garden center in Contour, Wisconsin

The Garden Spot is a unique, very affordable garden center located at 3645 Highway 22,in Oconto, WI. Oconto is a small northern Wisconsin town

Nearly 1 month ago

Saving garden seeds has many benefits

There are so many good reasons to save seeds from your garden plants. After growing and saving seeds for a few years, you will

Nearly 1 month ago

Five fragrant perennials that will scent your garden beautifully

Here is a list of five fragrant, easy to grow perennials that will add fragrance to your home garden. Queen of the Prairie (Filipendula

Nearly 1 month ago

Deadheading to promote maximum flowering

As flowers shed their petals and begin to form seed heads, energy is focused into the development of the seeds, rather than the flowers.