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obesity control tips
Nearly 6 days ago

What Obesity Makes You Miss?

This Universe and our earth are filled with treasures and beauties of the sort that it is hard to imagine or believe until you

Nearly 1 month ago

Strategies to reduce exam anxiety at higher secondary level

Have you ever felt that the exam period might be very stressful? Have you ever felt that the exam anxiety has hindered your performance

Binge drinking From huffingtonpost
Nearly 5 months ago

No simple answer, or cure, to Alcohol problem

The most often asked three questions about alcohol: How much can you drink and still drive safely? How much can you drink and not
Nearly 8 months ago

Short-scar, mini-facelift yields short-term improvements

New plastic surgery findings are not something you see everyday, but today is the day. Cosmetic surgeons from New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital, performing

Nearly 8 months ago

Coffee a day keeps death away?

An NIH study published today in the New England Journal of medicine suggests that kicking the coffee habit could contribute to kicking the bucket.

mental health
Nearly 8 months ago

Give an Hour gives help and hope to returning wounded warriors

Wednesday night, Give an Hour, an organization dedicated to providing free mental health care to our returning military men and women, held its inaugural

Nearly 8 months ago

More money means less chance of happiness for the neurotic

New research reveals the rationale for the idiom, money can’t buy happiness. Economist Dr. Eugenio Proto, University of Warwick, examined how personality traits can

National Institutes of
Nearly 8 months ago

Researchers reveal origins of National Institutes of Health

Most readers of this column know that NIH stands for the National Institutes of Health, the most comprehensive research facility in the world. However,
Nearly 8 months ago

Women’s disconnect with heart disease is lethal

When it comes to their hearts, women have a serious disconnect. In spite of the fact—fact, not something debatable like the effects of climate

Nearly 8 months ago

Being an intense mother makes women unhappy

According to a new study, women who believe in intense parenting are likely to have mental health problems. Intense parenting involves belief in certain